New Mexico!!

That’s my new home!!   I lived here about 15 years ago and now I’m back.  The person moving me thought I was crazy when he saw all of my washed fleeces waiting to be loaded up in the truck..

It broke my heart having to leave my sheep back on the farm…especially my all grown up bottle-fed babies!  But Life is.  To the best of my knowledge the farm is for sale intact….including the geese and sheep.

Since I moved, I’ve been busy weaving ….experimenting.  I recently wove two wraps that I then lightly felted….the shetland wool was 2 ply and thin — fingering weight — so the wraps are really lightweight, but WARM.  Amazing!!   Next on my radar is experimenting with cattails…should be interesting…. I have the word out to friends that I’m looking for the brushed out underfur of their dogs.  One of my friends has THE sweetest, red heeler/collie mix….I’m impatiently awaiting his spring time cast offs!!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying being back here — the people, skies and landscapes.  I’m up at about 7,000′ elevation…

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